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Questions Need Answers.

Potential real estate buyers or sellers, or first time investors have a lot of questions. Many real estate agents can not answer tax questions, legal document questions, insurance or retirement questions (such as how to buy a home with your IRA) and thus, potential clients are afraid to even ask the hard questions.

Additionally, some real estate agents have such a high regard for themselves, they will act funny if you ask a serious question even if they don't know the answer.  It is my personal belief that there are no dumb questions nor should you go with unaswered questions about how selling your home will affect your tax returns or how you can easily invest your retirement savings (IRA money) into a rental property.

I am multi-licensed to assist in ALL your questions and so don't be afraid to ask them of me. If by chance I don't have the answer, I promise I will find someone who does in a very short period of time. (I'm well connected to other professional financial advisors).

Contact MD Anderson, Realtor - AZCLDP

Whether you are in the market to purchase, thinking of selling, or both, I am here to help. Or perhaps you want professional representation for investment property purchases or sales. Please enter your message below and I will respond in a timely manner.

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