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Since I obtained my real estate license in 2002 and for most years since then, maintained active membership in the National, state and local Realtor associations and MLS memberships all those years - I still can not believe the attitude a few successful real estate agents have about their success and how they brag about it. Instead, I have quietly studied, learned, and practiced professional financial planning, advisory and consulting services in as many as 6 financial disciplines in order to never be shown up by any other financial advisor who thinks he or she knows more than I do. (Few have my 40+ years of broad based financial knowledge) 

The reason those "few" real estate agents bother me (it's not because the may be more successful than me), is that in serious interactions and actual negotiations (when we represent opposing sides in a transaction), their EGO is much bigger than their brain! In other words, they have their selling system down for success with clients they represent.... but are usually dumber than a door nail when any extraordinary financial issue comes up. Such as taxes, insurance, legal concepts, etc. Especially in investment or commercial real estate - the client deserves a Realtor who has incite and knowledge on those advanced areas of finance.

It is no easy task for me to be a professional Realtor and still practice and maintain 3 other financial disciplines.  AND JUST SO MY BROKER DOESN'T GET NERVOUS -- understand if I am not talking directly about real estate in my blog - I am speaking as President of my own long term Arizona based financial sales and consulting firm - Financial Strategies, Inc.  

So the blog entries are going to mix it up a little and not just be the same old dribble of "10 reasons to list with me", or "Why if you're not staging your losing money".  That kind of stuff will get mentioned too. But for those who are intellectually inclined, I will write about areas of finance others have no ability to because they haven't spend the 40+ years I have directly advising clients in financial matters on a professional fee basis.  

If you read my non real estate client testimonials (meaning they did business with Financial Strategies, Inc. - NOT MY BROKER) - those testimonials tell you how well respected and praised I am serving financial consulting clients. I am not bragging... just saying my intelligence and experience will show the first time you meet with me and it will serve you better in any real estate quest we may enter into together.

Some real estate agents will sell you a new personal residence home by bragging about the tax advantages -- when in fact the standard deduction on your federal income tax return is higher than your itemized deductions - thus meaning the low mortgage interest paid each year won't help lower your income taxes much at all, if any. Every personal home or investment property sold or bought under my watch will include a separately prepared FSI professional tax opinion on how it affects your income taxes. With that, you'll never buy or sell without knowing the estimated tax situation involved.  

In closing, I call this "Tax Smart Real Estate" and you will see that in my blog (it's a search engine "key word" thing for the Google Gods to push my websites higher up the Google ladder so more people see them) and in my writings. Enjoy! 

The Tax Smart Real Estate Agent